Can Chiropractic Make Fibromyalgia Worse?

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions worldwide, afflicting millions. Here are the symptoms to look out for:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • difficulty sleeping
  • experiencing long sleep sessions but not feeling rested afterward

Almost all of the comparatively small components in your body – the muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, discs, and nerves – can all be negatively affected by fibromyalgia. Typically, some malfunction in the nervous system will trigger a breakdown in the body’s capacity to look after itself. Chiropractic care can address this situation by applying gentle spinal manipulations to correct any misalignment and restore order after the nerve malfunction. A chiropractic adjustment is almost always beneficial in restoring order to the body. Chiropractic care is not known to aggravate the condition of a patient.

chiropractic adjustment for fibromyalgia treatment
treat fibromyalgia with chiropractic care

What causes fibromyalgia?

The medical community – both scientists and doctors – has yet to pinpoint what causes fibromyalgia. No test will help diagnose the condition, and there is no known cause for it when it does occur. Doctors believe that several different factors come together in the body and cause the breakdown that eventually occurs. Specifically, these factors typically consist of genetics, various types of physical trauma, infections, and stress. The resulting pain and discomfort often appear in the neck and spine.

How chiropractic care helps

In most cases, this medical condition can be treated by upper cervical chiropractic manipulation. The upper cervical vertebrae, located in the neck area, can be delicately adjusted and manipulated to relieve pain. Misalignment of these vertebrae may impair the brain’s ability to heal the body. Sometimes it is necessary to relieve the pressure caused by a medullary lock, which occurs in the area where the medulla and spinal cord come together.

Once this pressure has been relieved, it will be possible for the spinal cord and brain to resume their normal activities effectively. Some fibromyalgia patients suffer from a condition known as upper cervical spinal stenosis, which causes the upper spinal coverings to become compressed. By manipulating the spine, the pressure and pain associated with it can be relieved. Some of these cases can be particularly severe, and spinal manipulation is an excellent solution.

What chiropractic care can do for fibromyalgia

The whole point of chiropractic care is to seek out the underlying cause of a problem and provide a sustainable solution that handles that problem over the long term. The largest group of individuals commonly affected by fibromyalgia are women over age 50. That makes it a challenging medical condition to diagnose and detect. In some cases, spinal adjustments will cause soreness in a patient. That may lead to a flare-up of your fibromyalgia, but that’s usually only at the beginning of treatment. When you embark on a period of continuing chiropractic sessions, these flare-ups will begin to subside, and your fibromyalgia will be much more manageable.

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