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How can a Chiropractor Help Shoulder Pain?

Can a chiropractor help shoulder pain? Absolutely. If you’ve ever reached for something on the top shelf in your home and winced with pain when you felt major discomfort in your shoulder, you’ll know what it’s like to go through uncomfortable shoulder pain. With just a few trips to your local chiropractor, you can banish this kind of pain indefinitely.

On the other hand, if you allow the pain to go untreated, it’s entirely possible that you could lose range of motion in that shoulder, and you’ll find that there are more and more things which you’re unable to do, because they all cause excessive pain. Here are some ways that a chiropractor can help you restore full range of motion to your shoulder, and say goodbye to that persistent shoulder pain.

Graston Technique

This is an approach which involves soft tissue mobilization, and which uses a special instrument to break up scar tissue and any adhesions which may have formed in the area of the shoulder. A stainless steel instrument is used first, then combined with gentle massage to break up the scar tissue. When this process has been performed on your shoulder, it will help to promote range of motion, and will help restore full functionality to the shoulder area.

Electronic stimulation

Electronic stimulation is used to bring about pain relief, and it also involves therapy for the muscles, so they are in a ready state and can perform optimally. Electronic stimulation is generally used for relatively major pains which crop up in the shoulder and other parts of the body, and it is helpful at relieving pain in areas which have resisted other forms of treatment.

Myofascial release

This kind of therapy helps to relax muscles which have become tense and contracted, and it also releases the fascia which typically covers your muscles. When you have shoulder muscles which have become tightened up and are resistant to other forms of treatment, myofascial release can be an effective therapy that causes these muscles to relax.


This is the bread-and-butter for any chiropractor, because spinal misalignments are so prevalent among people today, often without them even knowing about it. Anytime you have a spinal misalignment, it’s entirely possible that vertebrae could be exerting excessive pressure on nerves, and this in turn is felt as pain by the individual. When you have this kind of misalignment somewhere along the spine, it could actually be felt as far away as the shoulder, depending on which nerves are being affected.


An ultrasound treatment has the following effect on your body:

  • it causes your blood circulation to be increased
  • it also helps to reduce inflammation around the body
  • wiith the increased blood flow, the body has increased healing power so that any sprains, strains, or tears can be more effectively addressed by the body’s self-healing processes.

A modern chiropractor clinic  will have many of these processes available to use on patients who may need them, so it happens quite often that one or more of these procedures will be used in tandem with spinal alignment techniques to bring about an effective cure for your shoulder pain.

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