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What Actually Happens During Chiropractic Adjustments

Some people have avoided chiropractic treatment out of a fear which they have for what happens during a treatment session. While it’s understandable to be somewhat apprehensive about having your back manipulated in some way, you should have no fears whatsoever about anything which occurs during a chiropractic session. The expert professionals at Wolke Chiropractic in North Haledon, NJ will explain everything to you before it happens, so that you’ll have no reason for anxiety, and so you can just enjoy the great feeling you’ll have afterward. Here’s what you might expect from a typical chiropractic session.

Structural impacts

The effects imparted by chiropractic adjustment fall into two categories, those being structural and physiological. The two main areas of structural impact are in the areas of increased joint motion and increased muscle function. In terms of joint motion, the chiropractic adjustment causes a quick but gentle thrust to be made to joints in the affected area which help to restore range of motion. Any joint which has become restricted or misaligned will thus be freed up so that it can function properly again.

When a joint has become subluxated, i.e. its range of motion has been decreased, it causes tension to be exerted on the muscles which attach to those joints. These muscles can get bunched up or stretched too tight, and that will cause them to function improperly. Once a chiropractic adjustment is performed on the joint in question, it will free up the muscles associated with that joint, so they can relax and perform normally. By decreasing any tension which has been exerted on the muscle, or repositioning the normal length of the muscle, a much fuller functionality is restored.

Physiological impacts

The physiological impacts brought about by a chiropractic adjustment are related to restoring normal function to the various body processes which are always ongoing. Any time you have a subluxation in one of the joints of the body, it can cause inflammation to occur, and when inflammation gets out of control, it can cause a whole lot more damage than any benefit it would’ve provided. During a chiropractic adjustment, inflammation is usually decreased significantly, because the joint gets restored to its normal range of motion, and the muscles associated with that joint are also returned to normal functionality.

Another major impact of chiropractic adjustment is restoring normalcy to the nervous system. Whenever any joints in your spine are misaligned, it can cause messages which go back and forth from the brain to go awry, since all those messages are transmitted through the spinal cord. When the spinal cord is restored to normal positioning through chiropractic adjustment, there is once again a free flow of messages between the brain and all other body parts.


The effect brought about by chiropractic adjustment can be extremely significant on your body. It’s hard to overstate the importance of having good communications between the brain and the various body parts, and when that communication is lacking, it can cause all kinds of disruptions to the way your body functions. In terms of the structural impacts, it’s very easy to gradually lose range of motion in some of your body parts without ever realizing it, as in the case of carpal tunnell, and chiropractic adjustment will restore that functionality. In just a few sessions, you might notice a world of difference in how your body functions, and in how good you feel.


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