What Chiropractic Treatment is all About

People who have never inquired about chiropractic treatment might have the misguided notion that it’s a big mystery, and that it’s an exotic form of treatment which has unknown value. Other people may have heard that chiropractic treatment focuses on the back, and have some level of anxiety about having their back operated on, even if it’s by a specialist. At Wolke Chiropractic in North Haledon, NJ, we can take all the mystery and misunderstanding out of chiropractic treatment for you, by explaining everything you need to know about it. Keep reading below to find out the really important points of chiropractic care.

Chiropractor holding a spine model viewing a computer screen with x-ray
chiropractor, North Haledon, NJ

Subluxation of the spine

Given the fact that your spine protects most of the nervous system via the spinal cord, it should be apparent that a healthy spine is necessary in order for your nervous system to perform at its best. One of the aims of chiropractic care is to adjust any subluxations or misalignments of the spine, so that the nervous system can function normally, and all the countless messages between the brain and other body parts can proceed on schedule. Keep in mind that every single aspect of body function is controlled by the nervous system, so it makes great sense that any misalignment of the spine would have a huge impact on the nervous system, and thus the function of your body.

The nervous system

Speaking of the nervous system, it is basically comprised of the brain, the spinal cord, and the zillions of miles of nerves which wind all throughout the body to every organ, every structure, and every cell in your body. Each of these body parts is messaged through the nerves which are housed in your spinal cord. When the nervous system is functioning at its best, so will your body be functioning at its best, and you can enjoy optimal digestion, range of motion, interpretation of colors and words, and all the other body processes which normally occur.

Conversely, when anything negatively impacts your nervous system, it will always have a corresponding negative impact on how your body performs. Athletes are often keenly aware of degraded body performance, whenever they notice that they are unable to achieve goals which they could recently.

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is a process which has been perfected by some medical professionals, and which is used effectively to correct any kind of spinal subluxations which have occurred, and to restore normal range of motion to joints in the spine. This will automatically increase the function of the nervous system, and will improve body performance as a result. These kinds of chiropractic adjustments are both gentle and extremely effective, and they will help to restore full range of motion and normal functionality to your nervous system.

The whole point of chiropractic adjustment is to help the body perform at its highest level. It would be a mistake to think that your body is performing normally simply because you don’t feel any pain. Keep in mind that less than 20% of your entire nervous system even has the capability of transmitting pain, so all kinds of things could be wrong with your body and you might never know it. When you sense that your body is not performing as it should, that’s probably a better indication of a situation which needs to be addressed by chiropractic adjustment.

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