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Hip pain can be debilitating. Not only does it wear you down to experience the pain, but it can impact your mobility, and your ability to complete every day tasks. While older adults are more vulnerable to hip pain due to natural wear and tear on the body over years, it can impact people of any age for a number of reasons. Understanding hip pain can help you better identify symptoms early in order to seek treatment and get relief.

Types of hip pain


Chiropractors at Wolke use broad diagnostic skills to determine non-invasive treatments for your hip pain

There are a wide range of causes of hip pain, including injury, arthritis, and various illnesses and conditions. The cause of hip pain is a contributing factor in the type of pain experienced.

  • Hip joint pain: When you have hip joint pain, you typically experience a deep pain on the inside of the hip, which may spread to the groin area. This is often the type of pain that comes from aging and arthritis. It can also come from an injury called a labral tear.
  • Hip flexor pain: Hip flexor pain is typically on the outside of the hip, near the thigh or along the buttocks. This pain can come from an injury, or may be the result of problems with muscles, ligaments, or tendons.
  • Referred hip pain: Referred hip pain occurs as a result of a problem in another area of the body. This causes the nerves to send pain to your hips. Diabetes, cancer, or a pinched nerve can cause this type of hip pain.

Hip pain symptoms


Identifying a broad range of symptoms

The symptoms of hip pain can vary based on the individual as well as the cause of the pain. Typically, hip pain symptoms include:

  • discomfort in certain hip positions, such as standing or sitting in one position too long
  • a dull ache that intensifies with pressure or movement
  • pain that eases with gentle exercise, but worsens with excessive or repetitive movements

Minor hip pain can often be treated at home without intervention from a care provider. However, if your symptoms persist, especially after a few days of rest and over-the-counter pain medication, it would be advisable to see your care provider. If there is a more serious cause, diagnosing it early can help increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

Treatment for hip pain


Once diagnosed, Wolke Chiropractic offers hands on, non-invasive treatment options

As with any health need, treatments vary base on the cause of hip pain as well as the severity of symptoms. Some common treatments include:

  • Increased rest and modified activity, such as reducing exercise
  • Assistive devices, such as canes or walkers to help promote mobility during healing
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication, either over-the-counter or prescription

Some causes of hip pain, such as pain caused by a herniated disk, may require surgical intervention. Addressing the root cause will help relieve the pain. Only your care provider can give you the most appropriate treatment for your hip pain, especially if your symptoms do not ease after a few days of at-home rest and medication. Since there are so many potential causes of hip pain, the right diagnosis is key for the right treatment.

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