Intensive Scoliosis Bracing


When scoliosis is so severe it does not respond to non-invasive treatments

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There are cases where scoliosis is so severe that it’s not possible to use non-invasive treatments and simple rehabilitation techniques. In situations like these, the best option may be to use scoliosis bracing. Intensive scoliosis bracing is also generally indicated in situations where scoliosis continues to progress despite all efforts at rehabilitation, and at halting the progress of the disease.

Since scoliosis is a three-dimensional type of disease, any treatment plan which is adopted must be three-dimensional as well, and that’s why our program of treatment at Wolke Chiropractic in North Haledon, New Jersey consists of a three-dimensional treatment program. We perform a complete 3D body scan, in conjunction with a posture analysis and x-ray information, so that we can customize the most appropriate brace for any given patient.

Our modern technology and the advanced manufacturing techniques of our suppliers allow us to create braces which are customized to the individual needs of any patient. Braces which we develop to manage scoliosis, will always combine the most advanced rehabilitation methods for correcting the spine, and marry them to the best 3D bracing techniques.

This advanced technology ensures that any brace we develop for a customer is not only extremely comfortable, but is very difficult to detect when it’s worn below your normal clothing. The scoliosis brace will create a reduction in the curvature of your scoliosis, and can also lead to a significant improvement in uneven shoulders, rib humping, and your general body appearance.

Since it can be opened or closed in front, it’s easy to put on and take off without the need for any kind of assistance. If the look of your personal brace is something you’d like to customize as well, we can provide a number of patterns and colors that may be appealing to you. These types of intensive scoliosis braces are extremely versatile, and can be used to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, as well as infantile and juvenile scoliosis. They can also be used to manage congenital and neuromuscular scoliosis, and to stabilize hyperkyphosis or degenerative scoliosis in adults.

How the process works


Using scans and thorough diagnostic tools to determine if you would benefit from Scolio bracing

When we customize a scoliosis brace for you at Wolke Chiropractic, your chiropractic medical professional will consult with you so as to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for one of these types of braces. We will then conduct a thorough 3D scan which measures your body dimensions accurately, and which measures your spine’s exact positioning, so that a well-fitting brace can be developed.

We’ll send this information along with digital x-rays, pictures of your posture, and any appropriate clinical information to a manufacturer which specializes in the production of scoliosis braces. This company will then use computer analysis and engineering to produce the ideal scoliosis brace for your situation. Once it has been completed and sent to us, we’ll schedule a fitting for you at our offices in North Haledon, New Jersey. After that, we can schedule regular checkups with you, to see what kind of progress is being made on correcting your spinal curvature.

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