Professional Physical Therapy in North Haledon, NJ


Regain mobility and reduce pain

Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury, or dealing with a chronic illness, our physical therapists will work closely with you to help you regain the maximum physical abilities possible.

Professional Physical Therapy, often prescribed by a doctor, is used to increase mobility, reduce pain, and prevent further treatment and surgery. Your physical therapy treatment plan will be developed based on your abilities and needs.

Sports Physical Therapy is effective for sports-related injuries as well as significant performance improvements. Our sports physical therapists include a great deal of patient education as part of treatment to help patients reduce the chances of injury in the future.

Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain and Lumbar Stabilization is a common cause for speaking with a chiropractor. Low back pain is highly common, and physical therapy can improve this pain through strengthening and stabilization. Our physical therapists utilize:

  • exercises
  • mobilization
  • traction
  • electric stimulation
  • ultrasound
  • heat therapy
  • cold therapy
  • massage
  • patient education

Sports Physical Therapy


Optimize performance and manage injuries

Sports physical therapy can not only treat sports-related injuries, but can provide drastic, safe, and long-lasting performance improvements. At our advanced physical therapy practice, we offer multiple solutions to focus on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancements. Our physical therapists also place a heavy emphasis on patient education – we want to make sure athletes, coaches, and trainers know how to prevent and manage injuries.

  • We recommend all athletes participate in a preliminary screening, which includes an exam and equipment recommendations in order to reduce risk of injury.
  • If you are experiencing chronic injuries, we will provide an evaluation to identify the cause and provide solutions to ensure a safe return to your training regimen.
  • Our physical therapist will also utilize advanced sports physical therapy techniques to design a program to manage injuries which interfere with athletic performance.
  • Even if you do not suffer from an injury, you can benefit from sports physical therapy – our physical therapists will assess your flexibility, strength, endurance, and aerobic and anaerobic systems to determine your areas of strength and weakness to help you develop your optimal training program.

Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain and Lumbar Stabilization


Regain mobility and reduce pain

Low back pain is extremely common – studies have suggested that about 80% of the population in western countries has experienced low back pain at some point. Often, low back pain resolves itself in a few weeks – but 60 – 80% of the time, patients will have low back pain again within one year. Low back pain usually occurs because the muscle groups which stabilize the spine (lumbar paraspinalis, lumbar multifidi, and transverse abdominus) aren’t functioning properly – sometimes, this is a result of trauma or injury. Physical Therapy for low back pain can include exercises, mobilization, traction, electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat or cold therapy, massage, and education on body mechanics. Stabilizing and strengthening the lumbar spine is key to maintaining a healthy spine.


At Wolke Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we have chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, physical therapy, and acupuncture for pain relief, spine correction and structural restoration.  Additionally, we offer wellness plans for those looking to continue to remain healthy once their problem is corrected. Book an appointment with us today!

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