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If you aren’t familiar with sciatica, it refers to a nerve which is located in your lower back, and which extends all the way down your body, right through to your feet. The sciatic nerve is made up of several smaller nerve roots which all band together to form the largest single nerve anywhere in your entire body. When this nerve becomes irritated or pinched, it can cause numbness, tingling, and in some cases even weakness in your legs.

Sciatic pain may be experienced as a sharp or severe pain, and at its worst, it can be excruciating. It has been described by those afflicted as a shooting pain, or one that is burning or radiating throughout their body. It is often experienced as a pain which travels throughout your lower back, buttocks, calves, feet, toes, or thighs, and it’s also possible to experience pain in all of these places at the same time.

Most sciatic pain begins in the pelvic region or in the lower back, because this is where the nerve is generally compressed at its point of origin. Most commonly, sciatic pain is experienced in one of your legs, although it’s fairly rare for this kind of pain to be experienced in both legs at the same time. Any person who experiences sciatic pain will generally have considerable difficulty with laying down, standing, sitting, or walking.

The pain experienced can either be sporadic in nature or constant, and it can range anywhere from being an irritating sensation to one that is completely debilitating. You can have this pain treated most effectively at our chiropractic center at Wolke Chiropractic at North Haledon, New Jersey.

Treatment of sciatic pain


Comprehensive non-invasive treatment at Wolke Chiropractic

Sciatic pain can generally be treated without the need for surgery, and it’s rare for permanent damage to occur as a result of sciatica. The reason that sciatic pain occurs in the first place will be due to one of a variety of reasons, for instance disc degeneration, infection, pregnancy, muscle strain, birth deformities, excessive spinal curvature, fractures, pinched nerves, herniated discs, or spinal tumors.

Our approach at Wolke Chiropractic centers around the fact that underlying causes must always be found rather than simply treating symptoms. That’s why we will create a plan for therapy which addresses the true cause of your sciatic pain. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach, because everyone is different, and everyone’s sciatic pain may have different origins.

Because we get to the bottom of your sciatic pain and its origins, we can devise a much more effective treatment program that will have you living a pain-free life. Some of the therapies we most commonly use to address sciatic pain include stretching and exercising, spinal adjustments, traction, heat or ice therapy, gentle massage techniques, steroid injections, and stretches for sciatic pain.

We will also recommend a home therapy program for you to adopt, so that therapy can be constant in nature, and thus much more effective. With the combination of our expert chiropractic care and your home therapy exercises, sciatic pain will quickly subside into the background, and you’ll be able to live a pain-free life once again.

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